Primary Care

We provide top-notch primary care services to our patients, with a goal of helping each of our patients maintain good health and prevent future illness and disease.

I would be happy to assist those patients who are interested, in providing natural alternatives to controlled medications, so that you too can benefit from a healthier, more effective path to health and wellness!

Our practice is knowledgeable in both women’s and men’s health and will even see patients as young as adolescent-aged, as we know preventive healthcare should be fostered early in life.

We will not be providing infant or toddler care, so we encourage family members of this age to remain under the care of their family physician or pediatrician until they are a just a little older.

Routinely recommend the addition of certain protective nutritional supplements to prevent depletion of important minerals and enzymes that the use of many synthetic medications deplete with long-term use.

Restoring Wellness Primary Care Services in Largo, FL


  • Annual Comprehensive Wellness Physical Exams
  • Annual Well Women Care and pap smears, family planning
  • Annual Medicare Wellness Visits
  • Well Child Visits Age 12 and older
  • Routine Lab Evaluation for monitoring and screening purposes
  • Acute care for:
    • Musculoskeletal injury
    • Headache
    • Viral illness
      • Upper respiratory
      • Gastroenteritis
    • UTI
    • GYN infection
  • Sleep care, natural options*
  • GYN care, natural options*
  • Gastroenterological care, natural options*
  • Cardiovascular, blood pressure and cholesterol care, natural options*
  • Mood care, natural options*
  • Pain management, natural options**

*Natural care includes treatment options that are safe, effective and non-addictive resulting in few, if any, adverse side effects.

**Our clinic prefers to avoid use of controlled substances due to the many adverse effects that are possible in patients who rely on them long term.

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